23 years later and still together!

Happy fourth of July! And with that we would like to announce our first LA show in nearly two years! The Warlocks started as band on this day in 1998 at the infamous “doll house” here in Echo Park. Though there were a few shows before this date it was not a totally solidified project till we all banded together as collective group of freaks, weirdos, sullen youth and the most loose context of the word “musicians”. 23 years, a few line-up changes later (though its been mostly the same the last decade!) & about 1200 shows & multiple world tours later we are still the best band of friends and radical people. Yes with lots of bruises, bumps battle scares to prove i like to joke we are the “Rock and Roll Band” that could! Much love and care from Bobby, JC, Plucky Earl, Chris, and all the past and present warlocks and witches that grace your path! TIX in bio! with Corredor, Veronica Bianqui