The Warlocks 2020 Update & Beyond!

2019 was a super amazingly fun year for us. We got to tour Europe and play some of the most awesome festivals in the land. The band was in fine form and after 20 years, guess what?! We are still having just as much fun as when we started. A little wiser, more responsible perhaps but still the same old us in one way or another. It’s quite a feat when bands seems to break up left and right these days. Anyways just wanted to shout it to the all the gears that make it happen. Our label Cleopatra Records for being so dang awesome. Europe tour agency El Borracho Bookings and of course our trusted and most awesome tour manager Dave D. + all the individuals promoters and club people that make it all happen. Way too many to shout but know we appreciate you! Back home we really just focused on Los Angeles in 2019 (and few SF once offs) and and for this year 2020 we finished a new record (more on that soon!) and currently working on full blown summer east/west coast USA tour around June. No promises yet - it’s a long way to the stage as they say. But we are mostly* green lit for that plan. In the meantime support artists you stream whatever way you can. It all adds up. Earl V. Miller Jc Rees Jason Plucky Anchondo Christopher DiPino Bobby Hecksher GO TO BAND CAMP AND SUPPORT EVERYTHING YOU STREAM OK?